In support of our congregation’s efforts to become a Green Sanctuary, we have decided to makGreenSanctuaryLOGOe this year’s first fundraising dinner an environmentally friendly event.

While our menu will be vegetarian, we will also be serving grilled local shrimp for those who wish to enjoy a pescetarian addition to their meal. Yummy!

Again, this year we will be recruiting host/hostess for each dinning table of 6-8 guests. Our committee will assign guests to each table as people sign up to attend. Each host/hostess will be responsible for preparing the entree for their table. The host/hostess will also all each guest to welcome him or her to their table. The table host/hostess will also determine what additional food each guest would like to contribute to the table’s meal. Our Fellowship will provide dessert, coffee, tea, soft drinks and water. Our bar will have beer and wine for purchase at a nominal fee. Dinner this year will be $15 per person.

We will be circulating “sign-up” sheets every Sunday morning through Sunday, Nov. 10th. Please be sure to sign up so we can let ybountifulour table host/hostess know how to contact you.

Bon Appetit!

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Dianna Avrigian, Christine May, Raechel or Aidan Cline, Diane Mouskourie or Susan Sizemore.