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“Committed and Connected” During These Difficult Times 

Welcoming Everyone ? Growing In Mind and Spirit Empowering People ? Leading in Social Justice 

Being together at UUFBC carries a special energy and enthusiasm that can be felt throughout our fellowship hall. That lively spirit flows among us as we welcome each other, sing together, reflect together, share together, and worship together.. 

How wonderful it will be, when we are able to share this space again! For now, we must stay apart, for the sake of the public good. We remain, however, connected. That’s why this year, the theme for our Pledge/Stewardship Drive is Committed and Connected. We are committed to making sure we are connected in our fellowship, even in this time of social distancing. Quarantine is inspiring many of us to action. Our current outreach efforts are designed to ensure that members of our fellowship, and our community, have the food and supplies they need to stay healthy and safe. Soon, we look forward to more work days (our 3 young cypress trees are FLOURISHING!), planting the Peace Garden, and attending political rallies and interfaith events. I know some of our members look forward to volunteering with Religious Exploration on Sundays, being service leaders, and taking on positions of leadership…while we all look forward to being present at Sunday Services! 

Our Financial Stewardship Campaign for 2020-2021, will continue through September.  Stewardship is defined as the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. We at UUFBC steward in four distinct ways: 

  • with our presence 
  • with our time and talents 
  • with our money 
  • with our spirits 

Donating our time, our talents, and our treasures through our Stewardship Campaign makes a healthy, strong, and sustainable fellowship and allows us to reach out into the wider community. 

2020 is not a normal year. Most of us are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in one way or another. Now, a new, unprecedented event is hitting our community in waves. These are anxious and uncertain times, but what we know for sure is that we will get through them…together. “No man is an island.” The same holds true at UUFBC! We ask that you pledge what you can, depending on your means. The warmth, love, compassion, and human connections we share are unique. Please, give as you are able. 

We are undaunted in our dedication to serve you. We are Committed and Connected! 

Your pledges will be completely confidential and will be seen only by our Treasurer, Bob Nixon. You may contact him anytime at 727-215-8728 or bobnixon2000@gmail.com. 

In fellowship,


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