Past Services 2018

December 30 ~ “The Gift of Not-Knowing”

“I think it’s a human trait that we all crave certainty. From personal beliefs to what the future holds for us, we are much more comfortable with ‘knowing’ than ‘not knowing.’ But not-knowing can be a gift that opens us up to possibilities and allows us to exist in the great mystery of life. I’m looking forward to gathering with you all once again.” ~Tiffany Sapp

A message from Tiffany to the UUFBC:

“My return to Panama City this winter break will mark a halfway point in my internship journey.  It’s been a great experience where I’ve learned a lot about worship, grief, justice work, and the spectrum of human experiences.  In March, I go see the Ministerial Fellowshipping Committee, and they will decide if I’m ready to move forward as a minister in preliminary fellowship, or if I have a little more work to do first.  I’ve also applied for a chaplaincy residency at the two area hospitals up here for next year.  It will be a chance to do some more personal growth work and will keep me from moving my family around so much.  Speaking of family, Bridget loves it here and loves her extra Mimi and Papa time.  And Jayon is finally feeling like he can get around Johnson City without his phone navigation system and has found a local live music venue that he enjoys.

“I’ve been thinking about you all a lot.  To say that you’ve had a hard time of things is the understatement of the world.  Know that my heart has been with you all of this time.  I’m looking forward to seeing you in person, for the hugs, the laughter, and the tears.”

December 23 ~ “Christmas in Song”

Join us as Ron Fennell leads us in a musical presentation filled with holiday music!

December 16 ~ “Mystery: Grist for Life”

While a certain amount of reliability and predictability is desirable and necessary in life, mystery remains essential. We never know and never would choose to know exactly what tomorrow will bring or what precisely caused yesterday to unfold as it did. Unconquerable mystery pulls us along. It infects music and literature and scientific study and planning and the recalibration of plans and, of course, relationships in irresistible and unshakable ways.
Steve Bornhoft is a former Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County member and officer who strayed. He moved to Tallahassee where he lived for three and one half years until he could no longer stand not living on the edge. He returned to Bay County just in time for The Storm. Bornhoft writes and edits magazines for a living and was the editor of the Panama City News Herald for 15 years back in the day when people subscribed to such publications and facts mattered. For eight years, he served as an adjunct communication professor, first at Florida State University in Panama City and then at Flagler College in Tallahassee. Some of his students have gone on to make something of themselves. He fishes a lot, still runs the occasional 5K and lives with his wife of four decades, Margot. They have a son and two grandsons and are between dogs.

December 9 ~ “Resilience, Recovery, and the Holidays”

The post-hurricane mystery is:  How do we pull ourselves and our community back together after a disaster? How do we help those we love to bounce back after major trauma? And what do we do with the holidays when we’re already so overwhelmed? This will be a service of mutual support, pro tips, hope, and celebration. Invite your non-UU friends, as it’s a message all of Bay County needs to hear. This service is brought to us by the love and generosity of the UUA Aid to Ministry Fun, which is paying for Rev. Melanie’s travel and honoraria.
The Reverend Melanie Morel-Ensminger has been a UU minister for over 26 years; she first preached at BCUUF in 2013, and has returned every year (sometimes more than once) since then. She served First UU Church New Orleans and North Shore UU in suburban New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina and thus has experience ministering to post-hurricane congregations. She will also come back to Bay County in March 2019. She is making herself available to us by phone for anyone who needs pastoral care or just wants to talk; contact Chris for her phone number.

December 2 ~”Investigating the Mystery of Life”

Michael Lister is a New York Times bestselling mystery novelist and a spiritual teacher and counselor living in North Florida.

November 25 ~ “Assessing and Blessing”

Join us as Chris May leads us in a service that’s a nod to both Thanksgiving and the need to be honest with ourselves about where we are now.

Most of us say “Fine!” when asked how we are, or we say it could have been much worse.  Being real in our own minds, being gentle with ourselves while being real, may help us deal with the changes that are becoming our new normal.

November 18 ~ Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

The Mutual Aid Disaster Relief has been using the UUFBC’s facilities to help relief during the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Team Member Jimmy has agreed to speak and explain what the MADR does!

November 11 ~ “Anniversary of Kristallnacht”

Mark Starkman from Temple B’Nai Israel will speak about Kristallnacht, often stated to be the beginning of the Holocaust.

November 4 ~ “Diwali: the Hindu Celebration of Lights”

Join us as our Director of Religious Education Gienah Harris leads us in a service exploring Diwali, the Hindu Celebration of Lights!

October 28 ~ “On Democracy”

George Stevenson will give a talk on democracy as we slowly return to normal at the UU!

October 24- A Special Mid-Week Healing Service @ 5 PM

Join us on Wednesday, October 24th at 5 PM as Serena Dee Latiolais leads us in a service of healing after Hurricane Michael. We’ll light the chalice, be led in a meditation, and have a time to discuss our thoughts, feelings, and experiences during this trying time.

Remember: Wednesday, October 24th, 5 PM!

October 21 ~ Modified Sunday Service

UUFBC will hold a modified Sunday service on October 21th @ 10:30, led by our RE Director. We will share joys and concerns and be in community. All are welcome. Spread the word. (NO water or power anticipated). Park where you can. Parking in strip center on Sunday is usually available. Please be advised that there will not be any availability of toilets.

October 7 ~ “Immigration in Bay County”

September 30 ~ “Your Vision Can Make Things Better”

Rev. Pat Jobe is a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza who was featured in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?” Dispenza believes that waking up in the morning with the vision of a wonderful life can produce just that. Rev. Jobe’s talk will sample the notion that changing our vision can open new doors and windows and maybe even a sunroof in our lives.
Rev. Pat Jobe is an 18-year-veteran of pulpit minister and served the Greenville, South Carolina UU for eight years. He has spoken to UU congregations in ten states and Florida will raise his total to 11. He is the author of six books, some of which he will have with him when he visits. He has won writing awards from the North Carolina Press Association and the N.C. Association of Educators. He was arrested twice protesting the failure of South Carolina to accept extended Medicaid funding. He writes a weekly column for his hometown newspaper and did commentary for his local public radio station for 17 years. He is a big fan of Paul McAuliffe and is glad Paul is providing music during his visit.

September 23 ~ “Sweet Harmonies For Justice- the Magic Music Of Peter, Paul, and Mary”

Join us for this musical service presented by Ken Sizemore, longtime musician and UU!

September 16 ~ “To See: Sight, Insight, and Vision”

Heather Ogilvie will present a service reflecting on insight gained from studying the Jewish High Holy Days!

September 9 ~ “Water Communion”

Join us on Sunday, Sept. 9 for our annual Intergenerational Water Communion service. Please feel free to bring a small cup of water with you to add to our communal water bowl. This water can be from a special trip you took over the summer or your backyard! It can come from your tap or a mountain stream. We will not be consuming the water but it will be poured over our hands. We will each have a brief moment to explain where our water comes from (in either spirit or reality) please keep this to 30 seconds or less. This will be followed by a rinsing of our hands.

The Children’s Carpet will be available, we ask that one parent either sit on the carpet with the children or in the chairs directly behind the carpet. As this is an intergenerational service, the children will not be leaving.

September 2 ~ “Celebrating Labor Day the UU Way”

A good time to reflect on the themes of vocation and those who work at jobs that allow us to receive goods and services, along with a brief history of Labor Day in the U.S.

Serena Dee Latiolais:  bisexual Southern white woman, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter, sometimes poet, facilitator, mentor, teacher, interfaith minister, mediator, coach, counselor, Reiki healer, sometimes tarot reader, sometimes philosopher, working on excellence, lover of life, living in Panama City Beach and loving to travel.

August 26 ~ “How to Put Excitement Into Your Life in Retirement”

Presented by our very active members Pat and Ardella Moran.  They have had some amazing adventures and you just might learn about some of them.

August 19 ~ “Highlights and Video from the UU’s General Assembly 2018 in Kansas City”

Chris May will present to us the major happenings from this year’s General Assembly.

August 12 ~ “What Does It Mean to Be Authentically Human? An Introduction to the Tao Te Ching”

Bob Nixon has been a member of UUFBC for several years. He served on the Board of Directors, and is now a member of the Leadership Development Committee. Bob has been a Tao cultivater of sorts for  a decade.

August 5 ~ “Bread Communion, Lammas, and Gratitude”

After a review of the importance and symbology of bread in religion, and a short overview of Lammas, and some insights into Gratitude, we will reflect on what these three events/concepts have in common, and all partake in some bread and juice for the bread communion.

Serena Dee Latiolais:  bisexual Southern white woman, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter, sometimes poet, facilitator, mentor, teacher, interfaith minister, mediator, coach, counselor, Reiki healer, sometimes tarot reader, sometimes philosopher, working on excellence, lover of life, living in Panama City Beach and loving to travel.


July 29 ~ “Sunday with The Bay Storytellers”

Members of The Bay Storytellers have been sharing stories in and around Bay County for nearly 20 years, telling at festivals, schools, civic organizations, senior centers and various seasonal events. Our Mission: feeding souls through the ancient art of storytelling.

July 22 ~ “LIFE SAVING: Suicide Prevention: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Save a Friend’s Life”

Today’s speaker is Dr. Ron Sturgis.  Ron is a retired Navy Chaplain. He served 33 years in the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines.  During college summers, Ron was a ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch near Red River, New Mexico. Ron has a BS in Psychology from the University of West Florida, a Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Seminary, a Master of Theology degree from Duke University and a PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University. Ron is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and has extensive experience as a pastoral care giver in a myriad of venues.
Ron recently took a leave of absence from his job teaching psychology and military resilience courses and is a subject matter expert for Liberty University online. He is looking forward to doing more playing and less working.
Ron and Laura met 14 years ago and have been married 12 years.  Ron enjoys spending time with Laura and their son Ronald and outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, tennis, snorkeling, wake boarding, and swimming and taking Ronald to his sports practices and games.  Ron also enjoys riding his Honda Goldwing motorcycle and playing guitar when he has spare time.”

July 15 ~ “Reflections from Maine”

Heather Ogilvie, having recently returned from a visit to Maine, will offer us the insight she’s acquired during her trip.

Member of UUFBC and Secretary of the Board, Heather also serves the Bay County Library as an Outreach Librarian. In that capacity, Heather develops and implements Library Services specifically designed to bring educational opportunities to underserved and at-risk populations throughout our community.

July 8 ~ “Poetry Sunday”Get ready for the UUFBC’s annual Poetry Sunday! Bring poems to share with everyone as Ruby Jo Faust handles the microphone like a champion.

“There once was a poetry Sunday

Among UU’s in County of Bay

Each brought a rhyme

That sounded sublime

To create together a FUN day”


July 1 ~ “Qigong Basics”

A brief overview of Qigong breathing and a short qi demonstration.

Shawn Palmer is a massage therapy instructor and Reiki Master Teacher who was privileged to train in Jiu Long Yi Qigong under 32nd generation Grand Master Russell Jose from 2001 until the Grand Master’s death in 2014.

June 24 ~ “A Bigger Table”

John Pavlovitz, author, social media blogger, speaker, and pastor, will be in Panama City on June 24th, 2018. He will speak at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County, FL, 1410 Airport Drive, on the 24th at 10:30am.

John’s style reflects a no-holds-barred, yet compassionate, sensibility informed by a uniquely personal brand of Christianity. He has become an icon to his multitude of readers. More than 20 million people have viewed his blog and more than 60 thousand people follow him on Twitter. His writings have appeared in Slate, Cosmopolitan, and Quartz.

John’s ideas about how we, as a society, should interact with each other crystallized over a long period of reflection. He arrived at his conclusions a few years ago and recently committed them to print in his book, A Bigger Table, after years of serving as a minister.

John was born in Syracuse, New York, and had a mainstream suburban, middle-class, Italian family. He attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on a scholarship to study graphic design. His university experience, where he was exposed to a panoply of different kinds of people, began his philosophical journey that matured into the ideas expressed in his new book and which he will share with the audience.

June 17 ~ “Juneteenth”

Join us to celebrate Juneteenth: the day slaves in the United States were officially given their freedom. This will be a fun, interactive intergenerational service.  Come to learn a little about our U.S. history, stay for the deepened understanding and food. Yes, food!  If you would like to contribute some food, please bring your favorite southern-style dish.

June 10 ~ “Standing on the Side of Love”

Join us this Sunday for the talk “Unitarian Universalists: Standing on the side of love with the LGBTQ Community.”


Cindy Wilker: Project Development Coordinator, PFLAG Panama City

Cindy worked in private banking as a business analyst and merger and acquisition specialist for more than 20 years. Highlights include traveling over a million miles, visiting 67 countries and eating plenty of mysterious food. She also served in the United States Marine Corps where she traveled to 3 states, visited zero countries and ate plenty of mysterious food.

June 3 ~ “The Principles and Beyond”

Last month, Steve Dixon asked me the question “Where would someone start to build up a comprehensive moral philosophy from Unitarian Universalism? Beyond the Seven Principles, I need some foundational touchstones, especially in the current political climate.” For my last sermon before moving to Tennessee, I would like to explore this question with you all.

May 27 ~ “Brothers and Sisters in Arms”

A musical program presenting cover songs about the cost of war.

Chris Dixon is a member of the UU Fellowship of Bay County and has been in the US Air Force for nearly 14 years.

May 20 ~”UUFBC Annual Congregational Meeting”

On Sunday, May 20, the UUFBC  Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in place of a regular Sunday Service. Come and be a part of the democratic process that we strongly value.

In addition to our 2017-2018 Board slate of officers to approve, there will be a new budget to vote on and possibly other business. Please be a part of the process and let your voice be heard.  An agenda for the meeting will be emailed by May 10. Baby sitting will be provided for the meeting time with beverages and snacks available for all.

May 13 ~ “Creativity and Imperfection”

On May 13, our guest minister will be The Reverend Melanie Morel-Ensminger of New Orleans, who will address the relationship between creativity and imperfection. As part of her own spiritual practice of imperfection, she apologizes for missing the congregation’s newsletter deadline. Reverend Melanie has visited with us several times before and looks forward to being with us again.

May 6 ~ “Creativity as a Spiritual Practice”

Living out our Unitarian Universalist values in the world is one side of the journey of being a UU.  Discovering practices and attitudes that sustain us from the inside, so that we can avoid burnout and find joy in our lives is the other side.  While there are a million ways to do this, I have found that practices that access our creativity can be some of the most fulfilling.  Let us explore how practices of creativity can help us be well-rounded people.

April 29 ~ “Speaking of Trees”

Join us as we explore an important part of the world around us. Based on the book the UUFBC Book Group is reading, “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World” by Peter Wohlleben; and a Ted Talk from Susanne Simard “How Trees Talk to Each Other.”

April 22 ~ “The Winds Of Change, Or If Not Now, When?  If not Us, then Who?”

The one thing we can count on in this life is change.  How we handle change, and the emergence of new ideas, new action, new perspectives, depends on how we cling to the old, or let go of the old, in order to embrace the emerging new.
Bio:  Serena Dee  is an ordained 3rd degree High Priestess in the RCG-I tradition (Reformed Congregation of the Goddess-International).  She is also an ordained priestess, adept, and Hierophant with the Fellowship Of Isis (aka as F.O.I), having studied under Lady Deborah Merwin, in Navarre, Fl.  In 2013 Serena Dee completed her four year study of Druidism, with the FOI Druidic Clan Of Dana.  Serena practices interfaith ministry for alternative/comparative religions, having obtained her ministerial credentials through the Interfaith Seminary, out of the Church of Seven Planes, Coopers, TX.  She holds a Master’s degree in Native American Spirituality and various certifications in spiritual counseling, especially grief counseling.  Serena Dee is also a Reiki Master and Teacher.  Before becoming an Ordained Minister, she worked in the public school system for over 30 years, 10 of them in administrative capacities.  She holds a B.A. in elementary education, an M.ED in elementary education with an emphasis on diagnostic and remedial reading, and an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on early childhood training programs

April 15 ~ “Things We Wish You Knew”

Ms. Michalik will talk about several different topics that are currently impacting education, including  bullying and child abuse prevention.
Sharon Michalik is currently the Director of Communications for Bay District Schools.  She’s been with the school system since 1999 and previously served as the Executive Director of Human Resources, the Assistant Principal of Guidance for A. Crawford Mosley High School, an Assistant Administrator for Mosley and a teacher at Mosley. Before joining the school system, Sharon was the founding Executive Director of the Bay County Teen Court program and got her professional start as a reporter and editor for the Panama City News Herald.  A graduate of Florida State University (but a lifelong Gator fan … long story there), Sharon and her husband John have four adult children and an active life on the West end of Panama City Beach that includes golf, motorcycling, gardening, running occasionally, mountain biking, reading and regular trips to Europe where they love to explore new locations and revisit old familiar ones.

April 8 ~ “On Meditative Bowls”

My life revolves around sound. It has been this way as long as I can remember.

My father was (and still is) a preacher, and by age 5, I was performing vocal solos in little country churchesup and down the Ohio valley.  Thankfully, I was also taught to question everything, even things dad taught me, and so one sunday evening, it began…

During the performance of a requested song, I connected! The recollection of the freedom and sheer joy of becoming the sound, becoming an integral part of all that it touched is a familiar, old friend.  Into the whirling vortex of color and sound, all senses at peak levels! What an incredible, indescribable rush!

 Upon stepping down from the platform, I noticed there wasnt a dry eye in the congregation?

The questions began… What is going on here?  How? Why? How is this even possible? At that moment I became a student of sound and vibration… how it impacts the human condition and everything in our environment.

The 2017 winter solstice marks 55 of your human earth years into my studies and the questions are still leading me, thankfully, further.

17 years as a director of recreation and music therapist.

10+ years travelling professional musician.

10+ years (current) co-owner/operator four winds animal rescue rehabilitation and sanctuary.

April 1 ~ “Intergenerational Easter Service”

Hop on in to the UU for a fun interactive Easter service. This intergenerational Sunday will have a little something for all ages. Come discover one Unitarian Universalist perspective on Easter and stick around for an egg hunt. This is a great chance to be in community as we celebrate the world’s turning and Spring.

March 25 ~ “Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence”

In this talk, UU ministerial candidate Tiffany Sapp explores the tricky balancing act of leaning on community, the human impulse to maintain a sense of independence and autonomy, and the truth of our global interdependence.
Tiffany has been a member of UUFBC for over a decade, and will depart this summer to begin an internship at Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Gray, TN as the next step in her path toward the ministerial credentialing process to ultimately become a Unitarian Universalist minister.

March 18 ~ “On Unitarian Universalism: A Recorded Sermon by the Rev. Aaron White”

The Rev. Aaron White is an Associate Minister for the First Unitarian Church of Dallas. He earned his Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2007. We are grateful that he records his sermons so they may be enjoyed over here in Panama City. Join us Sunday as we watch Rev. White’s sermon on Unitarian Universalism. He discusses where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

March 11 ~ “How Women Liberated Themselves When They Strived to Liberate Others”

Cecile Scoon received a Visual and Environmental Studies undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1981. She is currently a civil rights lawyer in Panama City, Florida. After graduating from U. Virginia School of Law in 1984, she spent five years as an active-duty Air Force JAG prosecuting in military courts martial. She retired from the A.F. reserves as a Major in 2005.

Cecile attempts to protect the rights of those wronged at work due to their race, religion, age, disability, place of birth, or unwanted sexual advances.

When not burning the midnight oil drafting lengthy pleadings, Cecile enjoys parenting her three children,  21, and 24, and 27 as well as running, gardening, painting, and watching soccer with her best friend, husband, law partner, and LWV member, Alvin Peters..

Cecile is the President of the Bay County League of Women Voters and 2d Vice President of the Florida League of Women Voters. In that capacity, she is also the Chair of the state league efforts on the Restoration of Rights. Cecile is also a proud member of the Xi Omicron Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc..

March 4 ~ “Glitter-Bombed: A Guide for Failing Successfully”

This service will feature a special guest speaker!

February 25 ~ “Walt”

Nonnie Augustine will speak with us about the poet, humanist, humanitarian, and lover of democracy, Walt Whitman. She is a great enthusiast for both his poems and his life story and believes he truly embodied the principles Unitarians strive to live by. Whitman’s poems, unconventional, stirring, sensual, and compassionate, sing of an America that we can continue to love and believe in and she will read a few excerpts from Leaves of Grass.

February 18 ~ “Deathbed Doula- Living the Presence of Death”

Most people are very uncomfortable acknowledging the presence of death in their lives but when we are able and willing to think about, talk about and prepare for our own inevitable death, or that of a loved one’s, then we have a unique opportunity to build more loving and compassionate relationships and communities. This openness is important because one of the tragedies of living in a death phobic culture is the disconnection and deep loneliness many of us feel when we realize that instead of being able to share our thoughts and feelings about death with others, we end up facing an invisible wall of silence that has been created by our modern society. Ignoring the fact that death is a natural part of life means that we are left unprepared to face one of the most profound and sacred moments in the human experience.

A deathbed doula has learned how to face death straight-on and knows how to deal with death in positive and empowering ways. She uses this knowledge to offer compassionate care for those who are dying and to help families learn how to be better prepared for end-of-life events.

Deborah Merwin has been a deathbed doula for her family and friends since 1984. She is an interfaith minister, a holistic health counselor, an end-of-life consultant, a home funeral guide, an after-death caregiver, an alternative burial advocate, and a local hospice volunteer. As an active participant in the global ‘death positive’ movement, Deborah is also a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance, Funeral Consumer Alliance, The Order of the Good Death, and the founder of The Deathbed Society.

February 11 ~ “The History of African Americans in the St. Andrew’s Bay”

African Americans have a rich and diverse history in the Panama City, Bay County area. It began when the first slave escaped from a plantation and made his way across the U.S. border into what was then “Spanish Florida.” This changed forever the culture, demographic and the literal complexion of Florida and specifically the Panama City, Bay County area which was more severely affected because of its proximity to the slave states just across the US border.  This is a history that not only African American should be proud of but, all citizens in this area should admire.

A Brief Biography of Matthew W. Shack Sr.

Wife –Carolyn (deceased)

Two Sons – Matthew Jr. – Michael

Born in Marianna grew up in Panama City

Rosenwald High  1960

Rosenwald Jr. College   1962

Florida A&M 1965 BA –Math

Naval Aviator 1965-1970

Business owner- Matthew Shack Insurance Agency 1971-2003 San Jose Ca (Retired)

Author, Actor, Playwright & Historian

Currently writing book: The History of African Americans of the St. Andrew’s Bay and the Florida Panhandle. Scheduled for publication 2019.

Adjunct Professor Gulf Coast State College “ENCORE”

Founder/Director–Glenwood Community Playhouse for the Performing Arts (2007-Present)

Member of the Board of Directors of the American African Cultural Center; Panama City

Chair of the Panama City Board of Adjustment

Member of the Executive Committee Bay County NAACP

Chair of the Civic Engagement Committee Bay County NAACP

Member of the Board of Directors of the LEAD Coalition

Member Board of Directors AARP Chapter 1315 Panama City

February 4 ~ “The Wisdom of the Donkey and the Wisdom of the Farmer

How does a belief system support Perseverance?  How and why do beliefs themselves Persevere, and when is this a good thing and when is it not?  How do we balance Perseverance with Letting Go, and how do we find the wisdom to know the difference?

January 28 ~ “Ken’s Original Music–Songs Of My Family and Friends”

During this musical morning, Ken will share memories seen through rose-colored glasses.  There will be songs about high school romances, best buddies for life, the miracle of finding SUSIE, the amazing and supernaturally brilliant Sizemore boys, a “Music Man” dad who did not actually exist, and a tongue in cheek look at the generation gap as demonstrated by musical trends and tastes.  This program will be unabashedly sentimental—don’t miss it!!

January 21 ~ “ERNEST Through Song”

Elaine Silver, (A.K.A. “Faerie”  Elaine) is a seasoned performer, songwriter, touring musician and recording artist (20 CDs to date and counting!) She has been blessed with the voice of an Angel, often described as stunningly clear, supple, rich, and like fine crystal.

Elaine is thrilled to have her music and life experiences evolve into a Musical Ministry that teaches Universal Law and Truth Principles in ways that fully engage the audience in a context of Peace, Love, Joy, Beauty, Grace, Light, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

She has the honor of working in conjunction with many world-renowned spiritual leaders, teachers, and authors  including Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Alan Cohen, Wayne Dyer, and others.

Elaine will be sharing songs and stories from her forthcoming CD titled “E R N E S T,” a compendium of songs “co-written” with Ernest Holmes, the creator and author of The Science of the Mind textbook and other New Thought materials. It is scheduled to be released in conjunction with her (finally) obtaining her Science of Mind Practitioner’s License this coming Summer, 2018.

January 7 – “Intentional Community”

Last month, Tiffany Sapp introduced us to the Beloved Community as our vision of hope for the future.  But how do we proactively construct this place where Peace and Love prevail?  By being a Community of Intention. Come explore how your personal intentions weave into the fabric of this community.

January 14 ~ “Intentions: the Moral Compass for Social Justice”

Hiba Rahim is the Vice President of  the Center for American Islamic Relations in Florida (CAIR) and an active member of the Bay County Islamic Center.