Come join us for the fifth class in the Spirit in Practice class series. (it’s ok if you’ve missed some or you can’t make every one)

This week we focus on the Fourth of the Eight Spheres of Spiritual Growth: Mind Practices.  We will explore how we use our minds to deepen our spiritual journeys.  We can sometimes get the impression that “spiritual” and “intellectual” are mutually exclusive characteristics, or that we need to “get out of our heads” to experience spiritual growth.  But yet many of the world’s most rational thinkers find that the more they learn, the more their appreciation for the majesty and magnificent mystery of life grows as well.  Unitarian Universalists are no strangers to how mental questioning can bring us to places of growth!  Please note that none of these spiritual practices assume a belief in any sort of deity, but that these practices can be beneficial to anyone with any point of view about such things.

Childcare will be provided upon request.

Please email to let us know that you’re coming.