The annual congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 31 May immediately following the service.  Please plan to attend as a quorum of members is required in order to conduct important Fellowship business.  The Sunday service will be slightly shorter than normal to accommodate the meeting and the meeting should last less than one hour.
The slate of officers being nominated by the Leadership Development Committee are:
President:  Cathy Rifenburg
Vice President:  Chris May
Treasurer:  Chris Dixon
Secretary:  Diane Mouskourie
Members at Large:  Jeff Livingston
Cheryl Kellog, Janet Cross and Bob Nixon will continue in their second year of a 2-year term.
Leadership Development Committee Nominees are:
Fred Beauchemin
Nikki Simons
Cheryl Kellogg continues.
Should the Fellowship vote to hire a part-time minister in this upcoming fiscal year, the following have been nominated to serve on the search committee:
Jack Harvey, Chris May, Lisa Livingston,  Georgia Beauchemin
The 2015-2020 5-Year Plan and next year’s budget:
The draft 5 year plan and the draft budge are available….see link below
Suggested changes to the by laws are to change the structure to allow the three members to each serve a3-year term with each expiring in a different year. Additionally the nominees would be recruited by the Leadership Development Committee (rather than the Board of Directors as is now the case).
The suggested change to the Covenant is in the first line:  “Love is the spirit of this fellowship and service is its law;”     The proposed change would be “service is its law” to become “service is its way”.
This statement is adapted from James Vila Blake who was a Unitarian minister.  It was written in 1894.   The proposed change is to soften the language and bring it more in line with our principles.
In Service,
Jack Harvey