In lieu of our regular Sunday Service, this July 4th we invite you to join us for an outing to help protect our shorebirds along the beach. IF you are willing and able, please join us! Wish all a Happy 4th of July!

Meet at the UU building at 10:30 AM and bring a beach chair to sit on, your usual beach paraphernalia (sunscreen, hat, water), towel (yes, plan on cooling off in the water!), and binoculars if you have some.  Candis Harbison will be the leader of the expedition and she will provide pictures of the birds to show beachgoers.  We will carpool out to Phillips Inlet and stay for a couple of hours.  To avoid having to carry heavy food, bring a bag lunch to eat in the car on the way to the park.  The walk across the sand is about 100-300 feet.