Please join us for our virtual meditation course on “Kindness”. This is a 10-course that started Sept. 6th, but you’re welcome to join anytime and/or as much or little as you desire.  We meet virtually on Tuesdays and Sundays at 6:30pm.
We will also offer 3 IN-PERSON sessions on Sept. 11th, Sept. 25th, and Oct 9th at the UUFBC after service. These sessions will be repeated that night virtually as well.

The goal of this course is to foster feelings of compassion towards ourselves and learn to judge others less harshly. With a kinder approach to our relationships, we move close to our First UU Principle: “The inherent worth and dignity of every person”…even those who think, believe, and vote differently than we do.

These guided meditations are designed for anyone to follow along and require no experience or uncomfortable postures.  Each session will help us to quiet our minds and share thoughtful content to focus on. No meditation experience necessary and no restrictive postures required.  During our virtual sessions, participants are welcome to turn off their cameras and microphones.


• Welcome + Chalice Lighting
• 1 minute Breathing Exercise
• 3 minute Warm Up Meditation
•10-15 minute Course Meditation
• Reflection

We hope you will join us for this Adult RE program!  If you have any questions, please contact Charissa Thacker at