Please save the dates of October 25th and November 1st, both Sundays. Details are not yet available, but planning is in process for “Get Out the Vote” events in the afternoon on both days. Our Fellowship has participated in Souls to the Polls in the past and we had a great time lining up our cars in a caravan and driving from the Fellowship, horns honking, to the Supervisor of Elections Office to cast our ballots. (See photo on page 3.)

By doing this, we can publicize the importance of voting and getting it done timely prior to election day. This year, we will likely drive to the Glenwood Community Center to vote and to advertise that the center is one of the Super Site Polling Places and open for Early Voting.

We are looking at the best ways to participate while maintaining our health, safety and social distancing. Other churches are also planning to be part of the Souls to the Polls events and we have arranged for
media coverage.

If you would like to be part of the planning and/or on-site coordination for the Souls to Polls events, please contact Jo Shaffer at