The UU Fellowship of Bay237_sprout County is pleased to host a UU Cluster Meeting here in Panama City.  The gathering will be facilitated by our Regional Executive, Rev. Kenn Hurto and the theme for the day will focus on growing our UU faith communities.


Rev. Hurto will lead an engaging, participatory workshop for UUs who are interested in telling our story, going where the people are, walking the talk, retaining  members and friends, and UU identity and branding.

Registration is being done by the UUA Southern Regional Office and can be done using  the following link:  <>  You will find both the registration form and a flyer located  at the bottom left of the page. Please coordinate with your Congregational Leadership on registration.

We are excited to welcome our area UU congregations to our Fellowship and look forward to a stimulating and informative time together! Through networking and building relationships with each other, we can extend the UU community in NW Florida!