On the First and Third Wednesdays (see schedule below for two exceptions) we meet at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County for a family-friendly dinner at 5:30pm.  At 6:15pm, kids ages 5 and up go to Navigators USA Scouts, kids ages 4 and under go to Toddler School, and the Adult classes are listed below.  Programming ends at 7:30pm.

January 20th:  Exploring Paganism One: The World Around Us facilitated by Tiffany Sapp

In the same spirit of “Exploring Humanism” last year and the “Tao Te Ching” the year before, this year we will do a five class series on Paganism.  This class is designed for those who do not self-identify as Pagan and want to learn more about this perspective, though any of our UU-Pagans and Pagan friends would be welcome.  Class one begins with Pagan ideas about the world around us.

February 3rd:  Exploring Paganism Two: Human Nature facilitated by Tiffany Sapp

Many of us have heard of “original sin”, but have you heard of “original blessedness”?  One of the different worldviews that Paganism offers from the dominant culture around us is their view on human nature.

February 17th:  Healing Through Mindfulness: Class One facilitated by Christina Cassani

We will define the concepts of loss, grief and mindfulness.  We will identify the five basic life areas, as well as the normal grief responses in each area related to numerous types of loss (i.e. death, divorce, trauma, loss of job, physical illness, chronic pain.)

March 3rd:  Edwina Rogers from the Secular Policy Institute — ON A THURSDAY

Sponsored by Gulf Coast State College’s  Secular Student Alliance, Edwina Rogers has been an advocate for separation of church and state for decades, working for two Presidents and four Senators in the process.  We have rescheduled our Wonderful Wednesday for this week to a Thursday so we can enjoy this rare treat.

March 16th:  Healing Through Mindfulness: Class Two facilitated by Christina Cassani

In the second evening we will identify positive self care in each life area.  We will also identify positive ‘family’ care in each area, including spousal and parent/child interactions and rituals.

March 30th:  Exploring Paganism Three: Deity facilitated by Tiffany Sapp — on a FIFTH WEDNESDAY due to yard sale following week

One of the most common misconceptions I’ve encountered about Paganism is assumptions made about what Pagans think about Deity.  Come to this class with an open mind and you might be surprised!

April 20th:  Healing Through Mindfulness: Class Three facilitated by Christina Cassani

In the third evening we will practice several different healing techniques, including body scans, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and scribble art

May 4th:  Exploring Paganism Four: Magick facilitated by Tiffany Sapp

What is Magick?  How can it work?  Is there any logical basis for a belief in magick and making it a part of a spiritual practice?

May 18th:  Exploring Paganism Five: Ethics facilitated by Tiffany Sapp

This last of the Exploring Paganism class series explores the variety of ethical approaches that can come out of a Pagan worldview.