June is PRIDE month and this Sunday is Gay the Hathaway! The annual event that we participate in as allies of the  LGBTQ+ Community.  But PRIDE is not just parades and parties… it’s a reminder of all the work that led to the rights of the LGBTQ+ Community. And that the work is not over.  During the service, we’ll discuss the importance of being an Ally. We’ll also have materials to make signs for the afternoon event.
Every July we suspend our Sunday Services, as many folks are out traveling or away for the summer. So, this is will be our last service until August 4th. We will have some activities planned in July, but not Sunday Mornings. However, we are planning a trip to the UU Church of Tallahassee on July 14th. More details on the events page.

The UUFBC meets weekly for our Sunday Service in person at our Fellowship Building and streamed live on YOUTUBE

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