Our 7th UU Principal: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”

This page is dedicated to our Fellowship’s pursuit of the Green Sanctuary accreditation as put into action by our 5-year plan goals. Through this process we hope to not only make a difference in our UU Fellowship and the community, but in the individual lives of our members as well; creating a personal outlook that integrates respect and revere for our natural world into our everyday lives. We hope that you will frequent this page to stay updated on the status of our project and to learn ways you can become more  involved. This goal can only be achieved through the commitment of our Fellowship as a whole!




                        Our Green Sanctuary application has been accepted and we are officially a candidate for the Green Sanctuary Program!! Which means we now have to work our plan! Check out these upcoming GS activities:

April 8th: “Reconnect with Earth” 4 week class Learn more!

April 18thEarth Day! Join us at McKenzie Park in downtown Panama City for our annual festival starting at 10am. Please sign up to help with the booth in the Sanctuary. Learn more!

April 25th cUU Spring Hike. Join us for a 4miles loop hike at the Hinson Recreational Area, just south of Marianna. Bring a lunch! Learn more!



  Assessment (complete)–   ASSESSMENT POWERPOINT

 Action Plan (complete)–  GS PLAN OUTLINE

Application (complete) – GS Application – Accepted as official Candidate for Green Sanctuary Accredidation

Working our Plan (in progress) – Various UU Committees are working hard to carry out our Green Sanctuary Plan.  There will be activities and projects for everyone to be involved in and support.

Accreditation– This step is awarded once the plan is complete and approved by the UUA.


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    GS Committee Minutes




    One of the great things about the Green Sanctuary program is that there is a place, a role, an activity, a task for everyone! Throughout this program, there will be ways for each UU member to be a part of the process and help us achieve our goal! However, if you are interested in playing a bigger part in the process and would like to help with some of the organizing, facilitating and administrative duties of the program, please contact the Green Sanctuary Committee Chair, Charissa Thacker (