The Nominations Committee is preparing the proposed Board slate of officers and At-Large members for next year. Any Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County (UUFBC) member who is interested in serving should contact: Helen Johnson (Vice President) at, Jack Harvey (At-Large) at, or Serena Dee Latiolais (Pastoral Care Committee) at Elections occur at the Annual Meeting in May 2013.

Our Board is composed of eight members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four At-Large individuals. We are electing four officers (one year terms) and two At-Large (two year terms) for the fiscal year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The UUFBC is a voluntary, lay-led congregation and our members serve as trusted leaders for their terms.

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate leaders for our fellowship. If you have a passion for the UUFBC future, are a good communicator, and like working with folks, please let us know! Board members are required to attend the monthly Board meetings. Meetings are conducted following Robert’s Rules of Order.

The Nominations Committee will make recommendations to the Board up to the April 16th meeting. Election of the new Board will take place at the Annual Meeting in May (date TBA). Nominations from the floor will be considered at that time per UUFBC bylaws.

Board duties are as follows:


1.   Direct our Board meetings.

2.   Appoint committee chairs.

3.   Represent UUFBC.

4.   Manage administrative responsibilities.

5.   Assist with the financial process.

6.  Provide a leadership role in directing the fellowship’s effort to achieve its mission.

Vice President

The Vice President will provide back-up support to the President. Duties will be assigned by the President.


1.   Maintain records of all fellowship bank accounts and investment accounts.

2.   Take lead role in preparation of Operating Budget each spring.

3.   Track all income and expenses on an on-going basis.

4.   Prepare and make available to the Board a monthly report.

5.   Pay all bills and obligations of the fellowship in a timely manner.


1.   Take minutes of the Board meetings, distribution of draft minutes to members by email or hard copy (as necessary) in a timely manner prior to the next monthly meeting.

2.   File approved Board minutes in notebook for that purpose in church office and post copy on the UUFBC web site.

3.   Duties as assigned by the President.

Members at Large (4)

Duties will be assigned by the President.