We’re involved, are you?

We are proud of our member’s leadership in a wide variety of social concerns organizations. Below you will find some of the organizations that our local UU members participate in and contacts to learn more about becoming involved.



 Bay County Audubon Society  – Contact: Candis Harbison –  candis1@comcast.net

Bay County Conservancy – Contact: Candis Harbison – candis1@comcast.net

Florida Trail Association – Contact:  Charissa Thacker – charissa.thacker@yahoo.com

Native Plant Society  – Contact: Mary Thieme – msthieme@comcast.net

St. Andrew Bay Resource Management Association (RMA) – Contact:  Mary Thieme – msthieme@comcast.net



Bay County NOW (National Organization of Women) – Contact: Harriett Myers – harriettevm@yahoo.com



Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus – Contact: Jo Shaffer – jnjshaffer@aol.com

Guardian ad Litem – Contact: Charissa Thacker – charissa.thacker@yahoo.com

Gulf Coast Women’s Club – Contact: Cheryl Kellog – cdkellogg425@gmail.com

Homeless and Hunger Coalition of Northwest Florida – Contact: Jo Shaffer – jnjshaffer@aol.com

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) – Contact: Susie Sizemore – ibsuzyq@yahoo.com

Transportation Planning Organization , Community Action Board – Contact: George Stevenson – gbsswim@gmail.com

BYILD PROGRAM – Contact: Jo Shaffer – jnjshaffer@aol.com