John Pavlovitz, author, social media blogger, speaker, and pastor, will be in Panama City on June 24th, 2018. He will speak at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County, FL, 1410 Airport Drive, on the 24th at 10:30am.

John’s style reflects a no-holds-barred, yet compassionate, sensibility informed by a uniquely personal brand of Christianity. He has become an icon to his multitude of readers. More than 20 million people have viewed his blog and more than 60 thousand people follow him on Twitter. His writings have appeared in Slate, Cosmopolitan, and Quartz.

John’s ideas about how we, as a society, should interact with each other crystallized over a long period of reflection. He arrived at his conclusions a few years ago and recently committed them to print in his book, A Bigger Table, after years of serving as a minister.

John was born in Syracuse, New York, and had a mainstream suburban, middle-class, Italian family. He attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on a scholarship to study graphic design. His university experience, where he was exposed to a panoply of different kinds of people, began his philosophical journey that matured into the ideas expressed in his new book and which he will share with the audience.