UUFBC Religious Exploration Key Performance Indicators for Tiffany Sapp 2015

Objective Goals Achievements
Develop, promote and deliver adult curriculum -Facilitate member’s search for Truth and Meaning through delivering a variety of classes that vary in formatting and subject matter

-Implement at least one Social Justice program

-Support the emerging 2-Service Sunday structure

-Refine scheduling to be in tune with the congregational year

Transition Children’s Program toward Excellence -Shift the focus to RELATIONSHIPS and WORSHIP

-Model the Principles through behavior

-Utilize monthly “bonus” activities

-Form a committee for planning Children’s Programs

-Incorporate “Spirit Play” elements into P-K class

-Develop kids’ leadership skills through their own Worship Service

Communicate and Promote RE -Form and manage a “Just for Kids” page on the website, a place where our UU kids will feel at home

-Promote a few key programs into the wider Bay County Community

-Continue to update E-News, facebook, website and in house promotions for all programs

Build Upon the Summer Exploration Program -Form a Summer Exploration School Committee

-Increase structure to the program

-Utilize team to increase promotion throughout Panama City

Hone personal teaching and management skills -Develop a capacity to nurture Special Needs kids and families

-Effective delegation in the volunteer environment