The following slate (effective July 1, 2017) of nominees is presented to the Congregation by the Leadership Development (Nominating) Committee, in accordance with the current UUFBC bylaws.


Ken Sizemore is nominated for a two-year term.

Vice President:

Janet Cross is nominated for a two-year term.


Lynne Siegfried is nominated for a two-year term.
Kimberly Van Der Veen has volunteered to serve as Lynne’s assistant.

At-Large Board Members:

Sandi Dillenschneider is nominated for a two-year term.
Nancy Schlagheck is nominated for a two-year term

Leadership Deveopment Committee:

Cheryl Kellogg is nominated for a three-year term, and to succeed Fred Beauchemin as chair, upon his departure from the committee.
Jan Stricklan is nominated to serve the remaining two years of the position vacated by Nikki Simon.

In addition to the slate nomination, the Board is suggesting some changes to the UUFBC Bylaws. These proposed changes are noted in red below and must be voted upon by the congregation.

Article VI – Executive Board

Section 1. Composition

a. The Board of Directors (hereafter called the Board) shall be compromised of the Officers and at least two At Large Board members.
b. The Executive Board shall be comprised of the Officers. The Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
c. The positions of President and Vice-President shall require one year of previous Board service or equivalent as determined by the Leadership Development Committee.
d. The Officers shall each be elected to a two year term. and may not be elected to consecutive terms in the same position. After a lapse of one year, a former Officer may be re- elected.
e. At Large Board members shall be elected to two year terms. At Large Board members may not be elected to more than two consecutive terms as an At Large member. After a lapse of one year, the former At Large member may be re- elected.
f. All persons serving in Board positions have completed Leadership Training or will complete it during their first three months of service.

Article VIII Congregational Committees

Section 1. Leadership Development Committee

a. The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) shall consist of three members, each nominated by the Leadership Development Committee and elected to a three year term by a simple majority of the members present during the annual Congregational Meeting. Terms shall be staggered so that each member’s term will start on a different year.
b. Leadership Development Committee members may not be re- elected to consecutive terms. After a lapse of one year, a former Leadership Development Committee member may be re- elected to service.
c. A member who is elected to serve on the Leadership Development Committee must have already completed Leadership Training, or complete it during their first three months of service on this Committee.
d. LDC chair shall fill any vacant positions on the committee until the next scheduled election.
e. If the LDC chair is vacant it will be filled by the senior remaining committee member.
f. If the LDC has no members, the board will call for a congregational meeting for the UUFBC to elect members.
g. LDC shall be responsible for helping members of the congregation develop their potential for leadership responsibilities in the church.
h. LDC shall also serve as the Nominating Committee for the Fellowship.