We give with humility, we receive with dignity, we celebrate human generosity, and we remember our commitment to the sustainability of the earth, our home.

The Board of Directors of the UUFBC would like to announce a new opportunity to participate in the Fellowship in a meaningful and tangible way. The Board has created a Generous Spirit List for anyone who would like to memorialize an event, or honor someone or something special, with a specific gift to the Fellowship. We currently have ways to contribute, such as the Endowment Fund, and we will continue to support what we have in place. In addition, we are offering the Generous Spirit List.

The Generous Spirit List contains items, both large and small, that will contribute to the well-being and ongoing enjoyment of our Fellowship and enhance our grounds, facilities, or programs. For example, we would benefit from sun umbrellas for the deck outside the sanctuary or park benches for the grounds.

Suggestions for this wish list may be made by any member at any time. Forward all suggestions and questions to info@uuofbaycounty.com. Suggestions will be reviewed and compiled by the Resource Development Committee and will be available on our website. An updated List will be published as necessary.

Donors may contact the UUFBC office to donate an item on the List or to provide funds to purchase the item. Please allow several weeks to have your request fulfilled if you are providing funds. If desired, the office will provide you or the recipient with a gift letter, recognizing the gift given.

Generous Spirit List

Piano Cover $200
Piano Regulation  (tuning) $2,000
Sponsor Individual UUA General Assembly Registration $360 each
Display board for tabling and events (2 needed) $200 each
Sponsor one musical performance $300
Sponsor a Fellowship dinner $250
Sponsor a meal for BYILD foster teens group $50
Purchase materials for a BYILD event $25-$75
Sponsor one participant, Florida Justice conference $25
Park bench $200 and up
Outdoor Sun Canopy $200
Small portable (display) tables $50 each
Outdoor speakers $150 each