We have begun the process of being a “beacon of liberal religion” in our community. No longer are we just focused on our immediate needs, through our vision and growth initiative we are opening our vision to our “Beloved Community,” a vision of inter-faith, multicultural, and an engaged commitment to liberal religion in our area. We have the opportunity to be leaders in our local community, helping transform our region and bring alive our Unitarian Universalist ideals.

Our Unitarian Universalist values call us to work towards making a difference in the lives of others and our region.  How might we do this through collaboration with our neighbors – be they Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Quaker, secular, or of another background?  By building such collaboration, some of which is already nascent, we can share our Unitarian Universalist vision of a world shaped by justice and equality as we engage in community service, share opportunities for worship and spiritual practice, and find ways to tell our stories and learn from one another.  “Beloved Communities” is a vision of spiritual transformation – individually, through relationships that will enrich our spiritual lives, and communally, through the positive impact we can have in Bay County and the region.

This year’s stewardship campaign will help set the direction of our ministry for the next 3-5 years as we frame and bring alive our commitment to be a beacon of light in our region.  As part of this vision, we must ensure solid funding for our current needs in support of our pastoral care, religious education, music, property, and leadership programs.  Ensuring a solid base, in turn, will allow us to work towards making UUFBC the center for inter-faith friendship, dialogue, collaboration, and justice-making in Panama City.  With your financial generosity we will nurture and claim our role as a regionally engaged, inter-faith leader.

This year, we need everyone in our community – every church attendee, whether a member or a good friend – to contribute towards building a future we and our children can be proud of.  In support of this, we ask that you look closely at the “fair share” giving chart and consider what your fair financial contribution in support of the vision of our community might be.  Please make a first-time financial pledge; please consider increasing your existing financial pledge.  Your generous support will help us move forward together in making UUFBC the beacon of liberal religion in Bay County.

With gratitude, the Stewardship Committee UUFBC