From the historical affirmation of the unity of God (Unitarian) to the universal salvation of all souls (Universalist), UU beliefs have expanded to the broader concept of a unity in diversity which affirms the supreme worth of all persons, held together through love and a spark of divinity that resides in us all.

Bound neither by creed nor dogma, our Community honors and celebrates the rights of individual thought, joins in shared concerns and respects the ever present need to deepen our understanding of the awe and wonder of life.

Here at UU Fellowship of Bay County, we are a liberal religious community. We encourage you to seek your own spiritual path wherever it leads. Our church is a place where people gather to nurture their spirits and put their faith into action. We help to make our communities—and the world—a better place. If you are searching for a loving, spiritual home that is guided not by a set creed or dogma but by an open-minded quest for truth and meaning, welcome to Unitarian Universalism!


  • We come together in an attitude of openness – not knowing quite what will happen, yet daring to receive a new idea, a new experience, sustenance for our minds and our hearts.
  • We come with an attitude of praise, expressing our thankfulness for the good that has come into our lives.
  • We come with a attitude of humility, knowing how much we need one another, how alone we can be in the world, how vulnerable if we face life solely by ourselves.
  • We come in the spirit of love, seeking human warmth and fellowship in the hands and faces of those around us.
  • We come in the spirit of joy, seeking reconfirmation and renewal of life, of love, and of hope.

adapted from Peter Lee Scott

 Unitarian Universalists – Are Voices of Liberal Faith

This video speaks to the principals that Unitarian Universalist hold to be true, how from the roots of the Reformation in Europe, two traditions, steeped in social justice and the belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, joined together in 1961 to become the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The principals of this tradition were present in the beliefs of several of our founding fathers and are a part of the underpinnings of our Declaration of Independence and our United States Constitution.


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