The UUFBC meets weekly for our Sunday Service in person at our Fellowship Building and on Zoom at 10:30am.

UPDATED COVID INFORMATION: In response to the new surge in COVID19 cases, the Board has decided to reinstate the masking policy, asking that members and visitors wear masks inside. Fellowship Hall’s doors and windows will remain open with ceiling fans on. As much as possible, do your visiting outside where masks are optional. Remaining socially distanced is strongly recommended whether indoors or outdoors.

To join us on Zoom, please click the link below 5-10 minutes early…about 10:20am.



About the service…

From the General Assembly – “The Deal On Those Days”  Rev Gretchen Haley
    The last few years have not been easy, including in our local congregations. Whole swaths of members have simply stopped coming; COVID is confusing, and polarizing; many ministers have joined the great resignation; and Pew studies and friends alike have pronounced the end of the local church.
In this moment, when so many of us might be wondering if we should just give up, and relent, now’s the time instead to double down on our commitment to the local church -this unique community that saves us and also breaks our hearts – often much more of the latter than we’d like to admit. In the midst of our culture of death, the church is a place of life. Or it is, as long as we are willing to bring our own lives to it.