About the service…

For our “Out of the Box” 5th Sunday of the month service, we have a real treat for you! Join us as our guest speaker, Heather Howell, guides us through  The Enneagram (personality test) and explains how we can use this information to better ourselves and how we relate to others!


About the speaker…

Heather was a local High School English teacher for 10 years until  Hurricane Michael turned her world upside down. In the aftermath of the storm and having also spent 8 years in pastoral care at her local church, she has found a new calling as a Christian Life Coach and Counselor.  Now, with certifications as a Christian Life Coach and Counselor, Your Enneagram Coach, and YEC Marriage and Family Counselor, she is focused on helping others live an abundant life deeper in their faith.

She shared that the knowledge deemed by The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can help everyone find a better sense of self-acceptance, stronger and more meaningful relationships, and help improve one’s perspective on life and the world around them.


The UUFBC meets weekly for our Sunday Service in person at our Fellowship Building and on Zoom at 10:30 am.

To join us on Zoom, please click the link below 5-10 minutes early…about 10:20 am.