The UU Fellowship of Bay County is made up of many unique individuals, but the reasons they come have many similarities. Acceptance, diversity, respect, freedom of belief, openness, social justice and hope are common themes of why UUs have come to the UUFBC. We are a lay-led fellowship of free thinkers who search for our own truths, but find solace in a community of other open-minded and respectful people. Read on to learn more about becoming a part of this amazing community.

Why do people join our Congregation? For many different reasons:

  • To be welcomed into a caring community.
  • To receive support for spiritual, intellectual and ethical growth.
  • To express our faith through acts of compassion and justice.
  • To unite in our belief in the worth and dignity of everyone.
  • To meet the most interesting, vital, and intelligent people.
  • To feel a part of something bigger than yourself alone.
  • To have personal opportunities to know others at a spiritual & emotionally intimate level—beyond small talk of surface relationships, sharing and learning from each other.
  • To have people be happy for you in times of joy!
  • To support freedom for liberal religious congregations to exist; without the structure and pledged support of people, liberal religion would be weakened in this time of great increase of fundamentalism. We need to pass on freedom to search and belief as we choose, to the next generations.
  • To delight in seeing the Fellowship’s children learn to love themselves, to respect others, to respect other life, to orient their lives toward making this world a little more just and a little more peaceful.
  • To access a community that supports the environment and respects the interdependent web of existence.
  • To have opportunities to join together to demonstrate for peace and justice.
  • To have opportunities to join together to help people in our community and the wider community with basic life needs of food, utilities, and shelter

Sound good? Learn more…


  • Read more information about our mission statement, values statement, Bylaws and covenants, all located on this site, to learn more about UU and our local Fellowship.
  • Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30am.
  • Join us for our 1st Sunday Pot-Luck Luncheons. Lunch follows the service and it’s a relaxed way to get to know folks!
  • Attend a New Membership Class. These classes are scheduled periodically and focus on the history of the Unitarian Universalist faith. The class is a great opportunity to hear personal accounts of why some of our members became UUs and give you a chance to tell your story, if you want! It’s also a good source of information for any questions that you might have about UU or our Fellowship.
  • Ask questions! Most UUs have no problem talking, especially about UU, so ask away!

What are the responsibilities of membership?

  • Time: We hope you will come often to Sunday morning services, the one time each week we all can be together. Your presence with us is important. We also hope you can come to social gatherings of the Fellowship, such as picnics, potlucks, and other fun activities.
  • Talent: Find a way to be involved in the life of the Fellowship, sharing your gifts and talents, maybe stretching your comfort level to learn new skills—we will encourage you! Singing in the choir, or serving on a committee, teaching in church school, making coffee once a month, or helping with a social justice project.
  • Treasure: Help make the dreams of our Fellowship a reality.  Support the Fellowship with a financial contribution.  We have some guidelines to help you with making pledge decisions. Members give according to their means — it is ultimately up to you to determine how generously you will give.

How do I join?

  • It’s simple, just speak to our Membership Chair or a member of the Congregational Life Team.
  • We do ask that you pledge your support for our Fellowship and the 7 UU Principals at a Sunday Service.
  • Sign the Membership Book.
  • Fill out your monetary pledge form.

If your spiritual journey leads you to the UUFBC , we will be very excited to welcome you into our community! 

Hope to see you soon!