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April 28 ~ “Reflections on Earth Day”


Henry Lawrence will give a talk about Earth Day. Henry has been directing our local Earth Day Bay County Celebration for 15 years(2005-2019). He directed the Tour de Ranch bicycling Century rides during much of that same time and before and was responsible for creation of the Share The Road specialty license plate as a […]

May 5 ~ “Spring Curiosity Fair”


Join us for a curious and creative Intergenerational Sunday service. Grab a cup of lemonade and stroll through the booths. From music with Paul McAuliffe and birding with Candice Harbison to cool math with playing cards and mandalas with Gienah Harris, even an outdoor labyrinth (weather permitting) there will be something for everyone.

May 26 ~ “Memory, Recovery, and Resilience”


Rev. Melanie returns for Memorial Day weekend with another service on moving forward after a major disaster, using her ministry experience in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. What part does memory play in recovering from trauma? And what does it mean to be “resilient”? Rev. Melanie’s husband New Orleans trumpet Eric will accompany her and play for […]