I am Gienah Harris, the Director of Religious Education at the UU of Bay County. I understand that you have a few questions about our Kid’s Religious Education program.  We have a mixed classroom with all ages sharing the space. The kids start service in the main sanctuary along with the adults and then go to their class after the “Story For All Ages” component of the morning service.

Each class is begun with circle time, observing the lighting of our chalice and each child has the opportunity to introduce themselves or if they are too young to do so, I introduce them to the other students. We then spend some time for the children’s version of “Joys and Concerns” before moving into the curriculum set up for that Sunday.

Each child is given the time to participate at their own level in accordance with our principals.

This summer we will be exploring the magic of friendship and community found in our 7 Principles. Each Sunday we will watch a brief portion from the movies Trolls and FernGully and briefly discuss how friendship and community are exampled.

The kids will then dive into their project for the day. Our projects frequently involve paint, glue, water, ext. Please have the kids dress in something that they can move and play in.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!