This Summer the UUFBC sent their Director of Religious Education to the Mountain to take a class in UU theology. This service is Gienah’s part of a collaboration with other religious educators to help us examine our roots.

Service will be lead by Gienah Harris. Gienah was born and raised in Reno, NV by a physicist and a spiritualist. Gienah lived in Germany and Missouri before returning home to Reno where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in European History with a minor in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Latin American studies. She worked as an insurance agent before moving to Portland, OR to study fused glass. After moving to Panama City in 2013 Gienah became involved as a volunteer with the Children’s Religious Educaiton program here at the UUFBC. She was hired as the Religious Education Coordinator in 2016 and has provided programming for the adults and children in this congregation. Gienah was promoted to Director of Religious Education earlier this year.