In keeping with the October theme of “Courage,” Ken Sizemore presents a concert of “Songs of Protest and Change.” Ken will perform songs that have been sung in support of progressive causes in America, including the rights of laborers to organize into unions, civil rights/human rights for minorities, the push for full rights for women, LGBTQ rights, the rights of migrant workers, and the care and protection of the earth.

Ken Sizemore has been performing musical Sunday services, concerts, and coffee houses for UU congregations for about 35 years. He served as president of First UU of Nashville and led many fund raising events. He has served on the board several others terms as well. Ken was president of UUFBC for 3 years previously and is presently serving in that capacity again; he’s served as Treasurer for 15 years and “volunteer bookkeeper” for two more years.

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