While a certain amount of reliability and predictability is desirable and necessary in life, mystery remains essential. We never know and never would choose to know exactly what tomorrow will bring or what precisely caused yesterday to unfold as it did. Unconquerable mystery pulls us along. It infects music and literature and scientific study and planning and the recalibration of plans and, of course, relationships in irresistible and unshakable ways.
Steve Bornhoft is a former Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County member and officer who strayed. He moved to Tallahassee where he lived for three and one half years until he could no longer stand not living on the edge. He returned to Bay County just in time for The Storm. Bornhoft writes and edits magazines for a living and was the editor of the Panama City News Herald for 15 years back in the day when people subscribed to such publications and facts mattered. For eight years, he served as an adjunct communication professor, first at Florida State University in Panama City and then at Flagler College in Tallahassee. Some of his students have gone on to make something of themselves. He fishes a lot, still runs the occasional 5K and lives with his wife of four decades, Margot. They have a son and two grandsons and are between dogs.