Our Soul Matter’s Theme for April is BECOMING

We invite you to join us on Zoom for our Sunday Service with the link below. You can also join our live stream on Facebook every week.

To join us on Zoom, please click the link below a5-10 minutes early…about 10:20am.



About our speaker…

To go back a bit, I was born a New Yorker, grew up in California, took leave of Berkeley Law to come east and work in the civil rights movement. I have worked on many political campaigns and in the government. We raised two sons in Fairfax Co., VA, where we helped found the TJHS for Science and Tech. Our first retirement was a working one, in Williamsburg VA, where John taught computers at William and Mary, and I was a 1610 woman at Jamestown. One of the first things John and I did, when we ‚Äúretired” to Bay County, was to seek out this UU congregation. We are happy to be here.