The policies and procedures for reserving and using UUFBC facilities have been designed to support our mission and values in line with the 7 UUA principles.

The following process for securing reservations has been designed to ensure that UUFBC functions have been given priority consideration.

The granting of all reservations to use the UUFBC facility is done so under the authority of the Fellowship Board.  The Board delegates this authority to the Fellowship office staff.

It is the intention of this policy to allow for multiple meetings simultaneously when able and as needed.  Requests for small groups shall be accommodated in one of the meeting rooms.  Should they be the only group meeting at the time, they may use the larger rooms.

The UU office and RE classroom are to be used only for UU business and are NOT available for any other use.  These rooms will be locked during rental of the facility.

Single events will be confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Series (multiple-date) events will be confirmed quarterly.  If a potential conflict for access to the facilities should arise, access shall be given in the following priority:

  1. UUFBC official functions and business
  2. UUFBC social functions
  3. personal use by UUFBC member(s)
  4. non-profit groups with at least 1 UUFBC member
  5. non-profit groups with no UUFBC members

Any of the “series” reservations may be subject to cancellation in the event that a one-time request for the facilities conflicts with the series reservation (based on the above priorities).  All efforts to avoid said cancellations will be made and it is anticipated that these instances will be rare.  A minimum of 15 days notice will be given in the event of a cancellation (with the exception of emergencies).


  • $150.00 security/cleaning deposit must be received within 7 days of confirmation or 14 days prior to the event; whichever comes first. The security deposit will be refunded in full provided the building is left clean and as it was found prior to the event. UUFBC members in good standing will be exempt from the security deposit requirement but will be responsible for returning the building in good order.
  • Any vendors or businesses  that provide service to the Fellowship building or grounds need to provide proof of liability and workmen’s compensation insurance or a waiver from the state.


  • $25.00 for each four hours rented (including set up and closing)
  • Reservations will state beginning and ending times including the time needed for preparation and set up, the actual function and clean-up.


One-time Event

The process to secure a reservation is as follows:

  • Requests can be submitted any time up to 7 days prior to the event.
  • Submit request via the website (www.uuofbaycounty.com), e-mail to info@uuofbaycounty.com or call the UUFBC at 850-763-7495.
  • The administration committee will enter confirmed events onto the UU calendar.
  • The administration committee will advise the requestor as to whether the request was confirmed or denied.
  • Proof of liability insurance must be received by the fellowship office within 7 days of confirmation or 14 days prior to the event; whichever comes first.
  • The $150.00 security deposit must also be received within 7 days of confirmation or 14 days prior to the event; whichever comes first.

Series (multiple-use) Events

Requests for series events will be entertained on a quarterly basis and will be considered for confirmation within 6-weeks prior to the beginning of that quarter.  Quarters will be as follows:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December

For example, requests for use of the facility in May (April – June) can be requested any time after 15 February (6 weeks prior to 01 April).

  • Submit request within the appropriate timeframe via the website (www.uuofbaycounty.com), e-mail to info@uuofbaycounty.comor call the UUFBC at 850-763-7495.
  • The fellowship office will advise the status of reservations to the appropriate parties.


For UUFBC sponsored events and for groups that do have at least one UUFBC member as an official part of their membership, a UUFBC member will be responsible for:

  • opening and closing the building
  • ensuring that furniture is replaced to where it was
  • ensuring that the building is in clean condition, i.e., vacuumed if needed, dishes washed, dried, and put away, bathrooms are clean, garbage is bagged and taken to the dumpster, waste containers are relined
  • ensuring that the thermostat is set at the suggested temperature.

For meetings and groups who rent the facility and do not have a member of UUFBC as part of their membership, the administration committee shall notify the Facilities Chair (__________________________) to:

  • open and close (lock) the facility.   The code or key to the door will not be given to nonmembers.
  • Determine if further cleaning is required after the event is finished.


  • Groups and individuals who use the facility are required to observe our “No Smoking” policy inside the buildings. A designated smoking area is available outside.
  • All events that use smudging bundles/sticks and/or incense must ensure these are contained within a fireproof vessel.
  • All fires must be contained within a fireproof vessel and attended at all times by an adult (eighteen years old or older).
  • No animals may be brought inside the buildings, with the exception of certified service animals.
  • Disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils and coffee, etc., are not provided by the UU Fellowship for outside groups to use. Rental clients are asked to provide these items for themselves.
  • No adhesives shall be stuck to the walls and no thumbtacks may be used in the walls.
  • Do not move the piano!
  • The large garbage bin must be able to close completely (to avoid substantial additional costs from the garbage disposal company).  Any overflow should be placed in smaller bins behind the large one and a cover used.
  • Chairs and equipment may not be removed from the building for any non-UU functions.  Tables may be “borrowed” by UU members on the condition that they are returned prior to any date that they are needed at the Fellowship.  All borrowed tables must be either returned in good working condition or replaced by the UU member who borrowed them.  The tables must be signed out by the UU member with the Fellowship office staff prior to removal from the building.

rev 05/06/15

For a complete copy of UU Policies and Procedures in a pdf.