Will You Be a Good Steward of UUFBC
Member, John Shaffer, shares with us his message on why he is motivated to support the UUFBC with a monetary pledge.  What motivates you?
I am drawn to the UUFBC in a broad way, but I live for this place on Sunday
mornings…. I get a lump in my throat singing Blue Boat Home…. I tear up and get
goosebumps meditating then singing Spirit of Life………… I will never forget the green,
leafy view out these windows before the hurricane. I love our spirited potluck dinners. I
enjoy the weekly stimulation of speakers that range over a wide variety of topics,
challenging me to see new perspectives.
But I also experience the rebirth of the Sorry Tree and know that I am a part of the
interconnected web of existence. I hang out with people entrenched in the belief that
everyone has inherent worth and dignity. Justice, equity and compassion are daily
experiences with our Social Justice Team. We accept one another while we freely but
responsibly search for truth and meaning. Our consciences adhere to democratic
principles. The ultimate goal of world community, with peace, liberty, and justice for all,
gets closer every day because of this place.
For each one of these highs, there is someone working very hard behind the scenes,
investing their talents for my well-being. This may or may not be glamorous work, but it
does get done.
Behind each one of those people is funding that supports the building, the heating and
cooling, the water, the chairs we sit in, connection with UUA national, the repairs for the
damage from Hurricane Michael, or even the simple wear and tear of use. The uses for
this funding are also not glamorous, but totally necessary. We wouldn’t get far without a
seat in which to sit and a roof over our heads.
I hate to bring up a negative and sad situation, but I want to paint a visual that should be
very effective. How utterly sad it was that the Unity Congregation had to sell its beautiful
property. Every time I drive by the old Unity property, I see what can happen….You
have seen it, too. When a congregation is unable to hold its place: utter devastation.
How fortunate we are that our leaders paid off our mortgage and kept a conservative
fiscal posture over the years. Thankfully we still have our place… our sanctuary.
So, in closing, I think of the happy goose bumps I get on Sunday, but I also am goaded
by the potential loss of place, and I am moved to dig deeply to give of my time, talent,
and most especially treasure.
So PLEASE, using your conscience as a guide, please open your wallets. PLEASE give
a generous monthly Pledge so that UUFBC can keep its place: not only surviving but